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Engineering Koolhaas (ARUP)



Engineering Koolhaas

“Who says that structure should not be reinvented?. . . Who says that reinventing structure cannot be creative?”

(Rem Koolhaas, 2003)

ARUP Journal har siden 2005 udgivet 3 gode artikler om deres arbejde med OMA i forbindelse med CCTV. Og jeg synes det er super fedt at fÃ¥ historien fra ingeniørens tekniske vinkel. Læs alle 3 artikler nedenfor…


Structural engineering design and approvals – Issue 2/2005
“The winning design combines administration and offices, news and broadcasting, programme production and services – the entire process – in a single loop of interconnected activities. The specifics of the structure evolved in tandem with the specifics of the building as they in turn evolved, a notable example being the placement of doubleheight studios within the Towers and Base, which significantly influenced the structural form”. (Download PDF)


Building the structure – issue 2/2008
“Erecting two massive leaning Towers, and connecting them with a 9-13 storey Overhang suspended 36 storeys in the air, presented the structural engineers and contractors with unprecedented design and construction challenges. This is the third Arup Journal article about the CCTV (China Central Television) building in Beijing; it covers the construction of this unique project”. (Download PDF)


Services engineering design – Issue 3/2005
“The CCTV Headquarters’ three-dimensional layout is designed to break down the ‘ghettoes’ that tend to form in the process of making TV programmes. The building’s ‘loop’ form encourages staff to mix, creating a better end-product more economically and efficiently”. (Download PDF)

Kilde: www.arup.com/arup/Journal.cfm