EON Icube – 3D immersive environment


EON Icube
Det er ikke fordi at teknologien overhovedet er ny, for man har selv kunne bikse noget lignende sammen i de sidste 10 Ã¥r. Men det er nu virkelig morsomt, og vildt overbevisende, at følge manden i filmen nÃ¥r han forsvinder helt ind i det virtuelle univers. EON’s setup (nedenfor) er lidt for overvældende for en typisk dansk tegnestue. Men nÃ¥r fladskærmene [fladvæggene?] bliver billige og tynde nok, ja, sÃ¥ skal vi da allesammen have os en pÃ¥ kontoret, ik!?:)… Det bliver virkeligt sjovt!!

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The EON Icube™, is a revolutionary PC based multi-sided immersive environment in which participants are completely surrounded by virtual imagery and 3D sound. The EON Icube represents a significant innovative milestone in high-end visualization systems development. Typically, high-end immersive systems have until today been complex, difficult to use and expensive to maintain. Unlike the older generation CAVE®, the EON Icube is easy to use even for non programmers, provides an unsurpassed speed of immersive content creation and deployment, utilizes a new light enhancing rigid wall material, and has built-in collaborative capabilities.

The EON Icube consists of 3, 4 or 6 walls according to the users requirements, and that can be setup in any configuration. Thanks to the rear-projection of the images and the flawless image continuity in the corners, the illusion of a complete sense of presence in the virtual environment is created. On top of that, the system is fully compatible with tracking and input devices. It is built on PC technology whereby several PCs are synchronized together to generate simultaneous images in stereo (stereoscopic visualization) on multiple walls seamlessly.

Using a series of infrared emitters, high-end projectors, and stereoscopic active lightweight shutter glasses and position trackers, the result is complete immersion of the user in a virtual world where objects float in space with high quality graphics challenging the best UNIX platforms. Electro magnetic 6DOF trackers are implemented to monitor the user’s position and orientation and are used to calculate a stereoscopic perspective view while allowing the user to freely move into and around the objects floating in space. The stereoscopic visualization is supported by an integrated audio surround system. Peripheral devices such as force feedback devices, and gesture gloves are optionally integrated into the system. EON Icube has the ability to rapidly deploy 3D interactive virtual simulations using a series of built-in classes of objects, drivers and a large library of 3D models, textures, and easy to use built-in functionalities. 

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