V-Ray til SketchUp v.1.48.66

For et par måneder siden kom der endnu en opdatering af V-Ray til SketchUp. Hvis du er til dét, så kig på denne udmærkede artikel.

Nedenfor er nogle af de nye opdateringer:

– More shader types (great for metal textures!)
– More than 10 new procedural textures, including dirt (for more realistic renderings!)
– Lights now have the ability to add IES profiles (for light accuracy)
– Material can now be layered better
– Faster scene processing times
– Support for SketchUp transparency and alpha transparency

In addition to all the other great V-Ray features, including:

• True reflections and refractions
• Glossy reflections and refractions
• Global Illumination allows for photorealistic lighting
• Soft shadows support
• True HDRI support
• Fully multithreaded raytracing engine
• Native SketchUp materials supported and integrated into V-Ray materials
• Material editor with material preview
• Sun and sky system
• Physical camera
• Depth-of-field camera effects.
• Distributed rendering allowing a single image to be processed over up to ten machines
• Per material GI, background, reflection, and refraction
• V-Ray two-sided material for easy creation of thin translucency
• Animation support

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