BIG vision for Times Square

I December måned bad New York Magazine 3 arkitekter, BIG, West 8 og Field Operations, om hver især, at skabe visonære ideer til hvordan Times Square kunne bruges i fremtiden.

BIG: “The vehicular flows in Times Square currently divide the public realm into islands. We propose merging the two embankments of Seventh Avenue by lifting the pavement like on a Venetian bridge over a canal of cars. The bridge will be paved with translucent tiles embedded with LED lights powered by harvesting the force of people’s footsteps to generate electricity. This colorful spectacle will be a monument to pedestrian power, and will turn Times Square into a giant, urban disco.!!”

Kilde: Because Times Square Will Never Be Finished – Reasons to Love New York 2009 

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  1. hello? Svar

    Pedestrian Power? Hvis man har været på Manhattan for nylig, vil man vide at der ikke er så meget trafik tilbage på Time Square. Og hvorfor krydse TS fremfor at indtage det kompakte, dynamiske byrum? Big mess.