CHILE – Public projects 1997-2007

[vimeo 5459501 w=500&h=280]

Dokumentaren Chile: Public Works 1997-2007 (30 min) er filmet tilbage i 2007, og sammenkører 3, ellers parallelle, studier – 2 interviews med chilenske arkitekttegnestuer og 5 præsentationer af opførte projekter i Chile fra perioden 1997- 2007.

citat fra filmen:
“Architecture of the super rich world would [seem] to be the most interesting one, but in most cases it´s only banal architecture. Maybe because it only gets to a certain state where everything is weak or lazy. A state where there is no critical elements to propose…no parameters [or restraints] in order to take decisions. Therefore all decisions are taken together, and as a result, anything goes!!”

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