"The Architect, the Cook and Good Taste" (pdf)

Knowledge and sensitivity are needed if quality is to be insisted upon. We live in a highly specialised world. It calls for joinedup thinking and intellectual exchange between different disciplines to arrive at new viewpoints.

“Since time immemorial, cooking and building have been among humanity’s most basic occupations. Both of them are rooted in necessity, but both of them also possess a cultural as well as a sensory, aesthetic dimension. And while it is true that cooking is a transitory art form, it gives expression to the periods of human cultural history just as architecture does. Moreover, both arts accord a central role to the materials employed. Both involve measuring and proportioning, shaping and designing, assembling and composing.
This book pursues the astonishing parallels and deeply rooted connections between the art of building and that of cooking. A variety of essays takes up questions of materiality and proportioning. Attention will also be given to food cultivation and architecture, to the places where meals are prepared as well as a range of different culinary spaces.”

– Udgivet af Birkhäuser 2007, 160 sider… læs denne artikel til sidste linie