Civilization (MEGAPLEX) af Marco Brambilla

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Himmel og helvede
“Civilisation” , af Marco Brambilla, er et moderne vĂŚgmaleri installeret i elevatoren i the Standard Hotel i NY. Alt efter om man kører op eller ned, sĂĽ panorerer filmen tilsvarende mellem Himmel og Helvede – kedeligt at bo i kĂŚlderen, haha! – kan anbefales at checke ud!

– LĂŚs en Q&A med kunstneren mht udviklingen

The film illustrates a contemporary and often satirical take on the concepts of Heaven and Hell. A metaphysical journey from Hell to Heaven, ‘Civilization (Megaplex)’ is portrayed by computer altered found footage. The journey begins under Kurosawa’s “Dreams” volcano, then rises through a purgatory populated by images of suburbia, demolition derbies and shopping malls, finally soaring towards a paradise of beauty contestants, cherubs, bodybuilders, then past the peaks of Mount Olympus to a cosmic portal inspired by Gustav Dore’s paintings, as reinterpreted in the movie, “The Fountain”. ‘Civilization (Megaplex)’ is an epic video mural containing over 500 individual channels of looped video into a multi-layered seamless tableau of interconnecting images”.


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