The Nations Experience Tower…of whatever


The Nations Experience Tower – Dubai

Det her projekt er altsÃ¥ virkelig dÃ¥rligt, haha! – lover ALT i Verden, men bliver mere tomt jo længere ind i filmen du kommer. Designet ligner desuden en lidt for smart studieopgave lavet i Maya, udtænkt af et reklamebureau. Det er (arkitekt)firmaet Hype Studio der er hovedmænd bag bÃ¥de design og 3D animation – go figure!


quote11The Nations Experience Tower is a project conceived to become a cultural landmark for the contemporary times. Together with the tower, a number of capsules would be spread throughout the globe creating a net of real time immersive reality. By enabling a close contact between an array of people from distant locations and different backgrounds, the proposal celebrates the gathering of the nations on common objectives at the same time that emphasizes the importance of distinct identities and global diversity.

The project was developed by Hype Studio Architects for the XI ThyssenKrupp Architecture Award Tall Emblem Structure in Zaabeel Park – Dubai.


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