BIM film af koncerthus i Reykjavik, HLA (10 min)


Screengrabs – IFC filerne (i filmen) er samlet i Solibri Model Checker fra henholdsvis Bentley Architecture, Tekla Structures og MagiCAD. Modellerne er lavet af HLA og Rambøll.

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Koncerthuset i Reykjavik (HLA)
Jeg har før samlet lidt info om HLA´s 3D projektering af koncerthuset i Reykjavik – bla. med link til HLA´s egen 3D Projekterings Læringsmanual. Jeg er sidenhen støt pÃ¥ denne lille film pÃ¥ 10 min hvor Rambøll gennemgÃ¥r deres fælles IFC model – Se filmen her!

Afgangsprojekt fra ITU
Og nu vi er igang med lidt BIM stuff, sÃ¥ check ogsÃ¥ Ole Berard og Jesper Schulz afgangsprojekt fra IT Universitetet, 2008:  IT-anvendelse i byggebranchens smÃ¥ og mellemstore udførende virksomheder – i lyset af Det Digitale Byggeri”


quote11One of the problems arising when sharing building information among different domains is the different perspectives that actors may have. The architect has a more visual approach to the solution while the engineer has completely technical point of view. These opposite understandings result in different approaches in modeling data. The architects model of the building must appeal visually and does not need to be geometrically consistent and accurate, while the engineer does not need visual details but a flawless geometry to be used in simulations.

Over the last decades the tools supporting the parties involved in the construction process have hence developed their specific data models, perfectly suiting their needs. While CAD applications have begun to follow the demands of the industry of implementing BIM, simulation tools seem to have failed in doing so. This is complicating data exchange substantially, since IFC is based on the idea of BIM, while simulation tools internal data representations are not. This is working against the demand from the industry that data can be reused across the different domains and stages of a building, thereby saving a substantial amount of time. (uddrag fra rapporten “Geometrical Correction and Conversion of IFC2x3 Models”)

billede-130 HLA 

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