ARUP: 3D Urbanism + Plausible Futures

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3D Urbanism: multidisciplinary Realtime quantitative simulation

billede-102ARUPUltimately designers aim is to achieve an integrated environment where – during the design process, including the early stages – the designer can generate a three-dimensional geometrical design, set up inter-related analysis and optimisation routines and receive meaningful feedback in realtime. Towards this ultimate goal Arup made a first feasible step”.

“3D Urbanism” is a research project aiming at bringing discreet quantitative analytical solutions (urban design, moving vehicles, moving people, acoustics, lighting and climate) into a unified Realtime interactive environment to demonstrate performance based design to designer, client and city planner”.

[vimeo 1690298]

Plausible Futures – Can Technology win the day?

“A short film produced to set the mood for an intensive workshop on plausible futures. It examines the possible directions in which the world is currently heading. Touching on global challenges such as resource depletion, rapid urbanization and climate change the film uses rich visuals to engage audiences with big questions about our human future”.

Kilde: ARUP + Vimeo

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