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Olafur Eliasson ind i Ando…

Olafur Eliasson ind i Ando

Yu-un i Tokyo, tegnet af Tadao Ando blev færdig sidste Ã¥r. Men det gik mig nok forbi, at det var Olafur Eliasson der var manden bag den fortryllende Quasi brick facade – meget mere spændende end selve bygningen.

Olafur har gennem længere tid haft et samarbejde med den islandske arkitekt og tidligere Frei Otto elev / Buckminster Fuller descipel, Einar Thorsteinn

Billederne nedenfor er et udpluk fra en meget fin udgivelse fra Studio Olafur Eliasson: TYT Vol. 1: Small spatial experiments (Download PDF, 10 Mb) (Alternativt link)

The idea of the quasi brick is that it is an expression of high complexity. (…) The bricks can be rotated into 6 different positions, and put together randomly they create a very complex pattern. As the Japanese are a very thorough people they were not pleased when the construction had started and we had not supplied them with a list of how each brick should be rotated. As there were thousands of bricks, we had not figured out a way to indicate the exact rotation of each and every brick and thought that it would be easier for the construction workers to rotate the bricks themselves on site. (…) We did not realize that the Japanese were going to be so confused by this. They could simply not work without a drawing that showed them exactly what to do. (Citat fra artikel)

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