MoPo 2008 – the Most Popular Architecture Blogs

MoPo 2008 – the Most Popular Architecture Blogs

Det er ikke sikkert at det er de bedste BLOGs, men det er med sikkerhed de mest populære. Udvælgelsen er sådan set sket helt objektivt. Dvs i form af antallet af besøgende , subscribers og udbredelsen i branchen. Listen er udarbejdet af Eikonographia

Udvælgelsen er sket på baggrund af 4 regler:

– Det er en Blog
– Handler om arkitektur
РSkrevet p̴ engelsk
– Udarbejdet af en enkelt forfatter

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1. BLDGBLOG by Geoff Menaugh
“The popularity of BLDGBLOG seems to be rooted in the fact that Geoff has effectively succeeded in blurring the boundaries between architecture and fiction. Instead of writing about architecture as defined by the discipline, BLDGBLOG has opened up architecture to the wider public with a variety of subjects, that only occasionally features contemporary design. In that sense Geoff is I think an example for all of us. He is the ‘public intellectual’ Rem Koolhaas talks about”.

2. City of Sound by Dan Hill
3. Archidose by John Hill
4. Pruned by Alexander Trevi
5. Interactive Architecture by Ruairi Glynn
6. Architecture My Ninja Please by Ryan McClain
7. Subtopia by Bryan Finoki
8. Life Without Buildings by Jimmy Stamp
9. Tropolism by Chad Smith
10. Mirage Studio 7 by Calvin Ngan
11. Strange Harvest by Sam Jacob
12. Architechnophilia by Mad Architect
13. The Where Blog by Brendan
14. The Arch by Jon Brouchoud
15. Super Colossal by Marcus Trimble
16. Sit down man, you’re a bloody tragedy by Owen Hatherley
17. Brand Avenue by Chris Timmerman
18. Architecture Chicago Plus by Lynn Becker
19. Hugh Pearman by Hugh Pearman
20. Varnelis by Kazys Varnelis
21. Lebbeus Woods by Lebbeus Woods
22. Part IV by Norman Blogster
23. Eye Candy by Eric
24. Architectural Videos by Einstain
25. Kosmograd by Martin Gittins 

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