Architectural Design & Fabrication with Digital Technology


Architectural Design & Fabrication with Digital Technology
Lisa Iwamoto [Assistant Professor of Architecture, UC Berkeley]

Abstract: Since the advent of Computer Aided Design (CAD), the process of making buildings has fundamentally changed. Computer drafting has become the industry standard, facilitating rapid and accurate communication among architects, engineers, and contractors. There is now a corresponding move toward Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) using computer numerically controlled machines. Similar to the manufacture of products, digital files used by architects are sent to fabricators to make building components using CNC instrumentation, dramatically streamlining the production process. Because architecture operates at a much larger scale than product design, however, the demands placed on CNC instrumentation are unique. This talk will describe the creative potential of digital fabrication for architectural design using examples from my professional practice, IwamotoScott, as well as some of my students’ work in the Department of Architecture.

Biography: Lisa Iwamoto is an Associate Professor in the Department of Architecture, and Principal of IwamotoScott. IwamotoScott is a practice committed to pursuing architecture as a form of applied design research, engaging in projects at multiple scales and in a variety of contexts consisting of full-scale fabrications, museum installations and exhibitions, theoretical proposals, competitions and commissioned design projects. The firm has received numerous awards and has been published nationally and internationally. Most recently, they received the grand prize for “HydroNet” a design for the History Channel and IBM sponsored competition “City of the Future: San Francisco 2108”. 

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