SketchUp Knowledge…

SketchUp er lykkeligvis et af de programmer som de ´travle´ arkitekter faktisk har tid til at lære – sÃ¥ til dem som kan og vil er der her over 100 links til diverse: Forums, Usergroups, Tutorials, Components, Materials, Plugins osv.

::Forums and UserGroups::

Google SketchUp Pro Official Site


Google SketchUp Help

SketchUcation Home of the SketchUp Community

SketchUp Forum (NL)

List of Sketchup UserGroups (


Google Video Tutorials

Google Self Paced Tutorials

Tutorials by SketchUpVideo in Youtube NEW! Many more useful tips from Google.

The Sketchup Show Tutorials in Web2.0

SUWiki Another important resource of information run by Chris Fullmer aka clf23, a ppb member.

Google SketchUp Paradise in Japanese only

SU A famous (and enormous) file containing all the information you need.

::Components, Materials and Rubies::

SubdivideAndSmooth NEW! Organic modelling toolset. The power of subdivision surfaces in SU6. (PC)

Sketchyphysics You just have to see what it does!

Designer Components Depot Hidden deep inside of pushpullbar

Form Fonts 3D Sells quality SU components

Sweets3D Collection Sweets is building the largest collection of professional grade SketchUp 3D building product models.

3D Warehouse 3D content created by Google SketchUp users.

Digital Nursery Tree images and components, palm trees, 3D landscape images.

Ruby Library Depot THE place for ruby scripts Brilliant scripts

Archsymb_Ruby Library Another place for ruby scripts

Jan Sandström NEW! Yet another place for Rubies.

OhYeahCAD Free Software Download NEW! Worth a visit.

::Rendering and Animation::

SU Animate NEW! SU Animate works inside SU and creates scenes that you can play as an animation in SU or export to an AVI or MOV. (Mac + PC)

LightUP NEW! LightUp is a SketchUp plugin that adds realistic, realtime lighting to your sketchup models (Mac + PC)

Deep Exploration Standard NEW! Convert, render, animate and publish .skp files to 40 different 3D formats including .3ds, .obj, .u3d, Flash, HTML, etc. (PC)

IDX Renditioner Photorealistic rendering that’s easy enough for novices, powerful enough for professionals. (Mac + PC)

Entourage Arts Non Photorealistic Entourage Elements for architects. (Mac + PC)

Artlantis Easy radiosity – even in preview (Mac + PC)

Cheetah 3D Powerful 3D modelling, rendering and animation solution (Mac)

Indigo Renderer A physically-based, unbiased render engine (PC)

Kerkythea “Simply Powerful (and free!)” (PC)

Maxwell Render A physically correct, unbiased rendering engine (Mac + PC + Linux)

modo 3D modeling, painting and rendering in a single integrated package (Mac + PC)

Piranesi Render like you sketch (Mac + PC)

SU Podium Photo-realistic rendering for SketchUp by a single click (PC)

V-Ray The benchmark (PC)


eDrawings for Google SketchUp NEW! eDrawings generates a self-executable file out of your SKP. The .exe file contains the viewer as well as the design data. You can also convert it to HTML format and the models can be viewed in the browser. (PC)

IFC2SKP Beta NEW! The plugin lets SU to load IFC data from popular BIM apps such as ArchiCAD, Revit and Microstation. (PC)

Google Earth What? You need an explanation for Google Earth?

SketchUp Plugins NEW! A blog by Jim Foltz, a SketchUp and Ruby enthusiast.

Viz.arch A blog by ppb member Tim Danaher. SketchUp in its extreme. 

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