Starkitekt dokumentar – "BIRD´S NEST" (2008)

“Bird’s Nest” – Herzog & De Meuron in China

Alt hvad H&DM piller ved er interessant, sĂĽ hvorfor ikke fĂĽ sendt bud efter denne dokumentar. Den kan stadig kun købes gennem producenternes eget site. Men jeg sender dog lige en OBS til DAC´s boghandel om at de da skulle hente en lille hĂĽndfuld hjem. SĂĽ ryk pĂĽ det og lav et lille movie show-down pĂĽ arbejdet (…og smid regningen pĂĽ tegnestuechefens bord, haha!!)

Schaub and Schindelm’s documentary follows two Swiss star architects on two very different projects: the national stadium for the Olympic summer games in Peking 2008 and a city area in the provincial town of Jinhua, China. Architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron are literally building bridges between two cultures, two architectural traditions, and two political systems. Their work doesn’t simply enhance China’s great international debut, but serves the everyday needs of the Chinese population. “Bird’s Nest” presents the Basle architects as they find solutions not in the comfort of an ivory tower but in encounters and friction on the ground.

“Bird´s Nest” Website
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