The Porter House, NY



Efter et lille ophold i NY mÃ¥ jeg sige at har du en time sÃ¥ er det SHoP Architects´ Porter House fra 2003 det du skal checke ud…ja, drop bare OMA´s Prada shop!!

Link: SHoP Architects

porter_house_1may04.jpg screii081.jpg senshot080.jpg

Located in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan, The Porter House consists of the renovation and conversion of a six story warehouse to condominium use and includes a new, cantilevered six story structure. The façade is comprised of a custom fabricated metal panel system and internally mounted light boxes, which blur the massing of the building as day turns to night. Marine grade fluorescent fixtures are installed within each galvanized steel box and hinged opalene acrylic panels are used for exterior access. The box is met along its sides on the face of the building by zinc channels to define the lit panel and cover the galvanized edges of the box. The box is installed in such a way as to shed water down and out and over the zinc panels below to prevent water from entering the façade. 

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