"It´s gotta look like a house"


The Perfect Home / Channel 4 (UK)

Meget interessant udsendelse i 3 afsnit, omhandlende hvad sÃ¥kaldt moderne mennesker ser (eller ikke ser!) som deres fortrukne mÃ¥de at bo pÃ¥. Billed kvaliteten er helt iorden, sÃ¥ husk at trykke “fuld skærm”. Da det er DivX format kan du ikke spole i afsnittet – dette er dog muligt hvis du downloader afsnittene (blÃ¥ kryds nederst til højre i afspilleren)

quote11.jpg Alain suggests that most new houses are built in appalling taste, and that with a housing deficit of around a million homes, this country (UK) urgently needs to wake up to the merits of good design. If we can say that Bob Dylan is better than Barry Manilow, why not accept that when it comes to visual tastes, all views aren’t equal either? It’s not that the newly design-conscious, IKEA-shopping classes aren’t worrying too much about their houses: on the contrary, they’re not thinking about the issues at stake deeply enough.




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