"Radient City" – Suburban Sprawl

Radient City A Documentary About Urban Sprawl
Jeg er glad for at jeg fik set filmen Radient City på CPH:DOX i går aftes. Filmen er både alt for sjovt, og alt alt for sørgelig. Måske du kan fange den en dag i Cinemateket, eller købe den over nettet.

quote11.jpgSprawl is eating the planet. Across the continent the landscape is being levelled – blasted clean of distinctive features and overlaid with zombie monoculture. Politicians call it growth. Developers call it business. The Moss family call it home. The dark era of resource scarcity is looming fast, threatening to strike suburbia “off the menu of history.” But like a juggernaut, it sails intractably forward, flattening all in its path.


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