Reiser+Umemoto – "Atlas of Novel Tectonics"


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Atlas of Novel Tectonics (2006), 255 sider
Princeton Architectural Press

Arkitekterne Reiser+Umemoto´s bog har vundet to prestige fyldte priser: Jan Tschichold Prize/ bedste Schweiziske bogdesign 2006, og Gutenberg International Prize of Leipzig/ Goldletter, 1. præmie

Se et lille uddrag fra bogen, her (PDF) / læs artikel

“Atlas of Novel Tectonics addresses the intersections and interplay between architecture and culture across a series of 67 short, non-linear chapters. The manifesto offers insights into a cross-section of disciplines, including aeronautics, art history, cooking, mathematics, and biology, and examines the ways in which such divergent practices migrate into architecture and back out into the cultural field.” 

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