Associative Design



Associative Design Process

Filmen ovenfor er kun et lille uddrag pÃ¥ lidt over 4 minutter, af denne 50 minutter video præsentation i bedre opløsning hos – se sidste linie i artiklen: “associative-design.mp4” (156MB, right-click to save).

Det er en super flot præsentation af cutting edge research teknologi fra Berlage Research Studio. Læs også denne artikel.

Jeg kan i forbindelse med filmen, klart anbefale at hive Bernard Cache´s bog fra 1995: Earth Moves – The Furnishing af Territoires ned fra reolen og genlæse de første kapitler.

Peter Trummer: “By Using associative design Techniques, this reseach studio investigates the potential af new site-specific housing invironments in the China´s Jiangnan River Delta. Typically understod as a parametric design technique using metric parameters to create an infinite number of variations, associative design is a techbique based on associative geometry. These geometries describe the relationships between various assemblies and constitute a design object as mutually linked geometrical construction. Associative software was developed within the manufacturing industries to link design to make manufacturing processes more efficient. While most of the current architectural research favors this kind og application, our research applies associative design to all scales of a design process to increase its relavance to tio the discipline. This process is applied to China with the aim of designing new living environments which form city life, urban policies, desires, attention and growth. By using local historical housing types, each of these environments will consist of a population of housing units that together form a synthetic vernacular.” 

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