Podcast: "Rendering Reality" #2


“I’ve found some buildings that look better in reality than in rendering, and they are all designed by one firm…Herzog & de Meuron”.

quote11.jpgSummary: What struck me about Herzog & de Meuron´s work, as it relates to a discussion of architectural rendering is that many of their buildings look, well, dull in renderings -and they even look dull in models. But consistenly, Herzog & de Meuron’s built work is better than the renderings. That is rare in contemporary architecture, especially in architecture where the renderings seem to rely more and more on computer tricks and lighting for dramatic effect. It was the architect Adolf Loos who, in 1908, set us on a difficult and publicly unpopular course through the 20th century, declaring Ornament a Crime and it was interpreted by Modernists to include any ornament, and anyone who chooses to decorate their designs was suspect for most of the 20th century, but now, perhaps the tide is turning? Herzog and de Meuron are breaking this century-long trend and in many buildings celebrate ornament. Is this their secret to rendering reality?

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