Podcast: "Rendering Reality" #1


“I can´t remember when is the last time I saw a building, that looked better in real life then in rendering”.

quote11.jpgSummary: Some architects depend on computer rendering and much of their reputation is built on computer imagery. In the computer images, buildings are often depicted at night, with the translucent walls aglow, offering glimpses of life inside. Zaha Hadid, Daniel Libeskind, and Rem Koolhaas know the power of persuasion in creating a rendering as an inspirational sales tool. But what does this mean to all of us who have to live with the buildings -in the real world- and face the disappointment of seeing the building built, and it’s not as ethereal, as glowing, as interesting as it was presented to us in the rendering? The answer might be found in a winking Jesus. Pictured is the rendering and reality views of the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, designed by Zaha Hadid.

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  1. Pascal Svar

    so many architects talk about light despite having lost contact to build realities and physical perception. Beuys said 90% of the people see with their ears. Physical perception doesn’t mean your mind will be transported or will enter in a process, but it’s the beginning. perhaps we live in an age in which the virtual experience replaces concrete one. virtual dominance and manipulation seem to satisfy and even blind us with our consenting.