København, tabernes konge!?


Vi har alle hørt at Monocle Magazine har kåret Munchen som top of the pops af byer der er bedst at leve i, og København på 2. pladsen. Men er det så bedre at Business Week har lagt København på en 11. plads på deres top 100 ? Jeg bed dog mærke i at Helsinki får credit for den er hurtig at komme væk fra, og i Paris regner det (åbenbart!?).

“The rankings looks at 39 factors in the following categories: political, economic, cultural and social environment, health and medicine, schools and education, public services and transport, recreation, consumer goods, housing and natural environment”.

“After much tyre-kicking, data-sifting and deliberation, Munich emerged as Monocle’s most liveable city in the world. A winning combination of investment in infrastructure, high-quality housing, low crime, liberal politics, strong media and general feeling of Gemütlichkeit make it a city that should inspire others”.

01- Munich: Munich emerged as Monocle’s most liveable city in the world. Perfect work-life balance, great green spaces; all around pleasant place to be.

02- Copenhagen: The city’s slogan says it all: “There’s something modern in the state of Denmark”. Indeed, the city is a veritable maelstrom of creative activity and youthful dynamism. One of several beacons in the North.

03- Zürich: In Zürich, small and perfectly formed has turned out to be both a blessing and a curse.

04- Tokyo: Integrated transport, breathtaking technology, great service and the best bars make this our top big city.

05- Vienna: Vienna is back at the heart of Europe – its well-connected airline helped put it in fifth place.

06- Helsinki: The fastest flying times from Europe to Asia’s hubs make Helsinki more than Nokia-town.

07- Sydney: The city has some environmental issues and an antiquated transport system. But then there’s the beach…

08- Stockholm: An eye for detail, good street style and strong public services make this a pleasant place to build a nest.

09- Honolulu: The city has the luxury of sitting on Asia’s doorstep. This is great news but it needs to put it to use.

10- Madrid: Red tape and poor infrastructure are counterbalanced by cultural vibrancy and a 24-hour lifestyle.

11- Melbourne: The city scores every time for sport and culture. Just pack an umbrella.

12- Montreal: A laid-back bilingual city where the good life comes at a bargain price.

13- Barcelona: Cradled by the sea and mountains and rocked by crime and grime.

14- Kyoto: Low-rise, high style: the city mixes the best of modernity and tradition.

15- Vancouver: Well-connected and wealthy, just make sure you like talking sport.

16- Auckland: Great setting, Polynesian culture and an improved transport system.

17- Singapore: It’s still conservative but this city state is enjoying a cultural boom.

18- Hamburg: The ship’s come in for this port city with ambitious growth plans.

19- Paris: It rains, dogs foul the street, there’s little green space but the city works.

20- Geneva: It may have a Latin beat but what really makes Geneva tick is cash. 

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