Arkitektur tidskrift (kun) for arkitekter…


De fleste arkitektur tidsskrifter smider om sig med nye indtryk: det er en verden af smukke mestervĂŚrker – som et salgskatalog for kommende klienter og investorer. Det Østrigske magasin, Wonderland er anderledens:

“WONDERLAND is a magazine that does not show a single building, but focuses on the “how” of day-to-day architectural practice, on the architects themselves. A kind of serialized manual, it directs attention to issues and problems of the architectural profession.”

Et citat af Rem Koolhaas tegner ihvertfald lyst for bladets holdninger (wonderland, #1, “Getting Started”, page 30):

“Maybe, architecture doesn’t have to be stupid after all. Liberated from the obligation to construct, it can become a way of thinking about anything – a discipline that represents relationships, proportions, connections, effects, the diagram of everything.”

Issue No. 1 ´Getting Started´ (PDF)
Choosing a location
Rules of admission
Setting up office
Crossing borders
Moving to a foreign country
Out of Europe

Finding your profile
Mind your design
About poaching
Reality check
Field of action
Who are you and what are you

Staying in business
Negotiation between aesthetics and client demands
Dance the marketing mix
Becoming famous won’t save you
Return on investment
Territory of proximity or What is Wonderland?

Issue No. 2 – ‘Making Mistakes’ (PDF)
Where can things go wrong
Scope of practice
Crossing borders
In detail
Reality check
Issues of dispute
Losing a client
Wrong use, wrong place, wrong time
Critical moments

why make mistakes
Portals of discovery
Right mistakes and wrong correctness
Designing against failure
A case for the mistake

What to do when things go wrong
Learning from your mistakes
Quality management
Crisis communication
Architect’s liability and insurances
Shades of error
Facing your fears
Life after architecture? 

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