Dream machine for architects


Contour Crafting
Teknikken er ikke ny. Hvor arkitekterne herhjemme er godt igang med at implimentere Rapid Prototyping maskiner til brug pĂĽ kontoret, sĂĽ er der her et bud pĂĽ en 1:1 produktions metode, som vil kunne sĂŚnke byggeomkostningerne med 80%, og mulighed for at bygge et enfamiliehus pĂĽ 24 timer!! – umuligt?…alle andre industrier gør det rent faktisk allerede!
Jeg kan kun anbefale at men studerer alt information pü firmaets hjemmeside. Der er ingen tvivl om at teknikker som denne vil øge arkitektens muligheder for form, og samtidig bringe arkitekten tÌttere pü det endelige resultat, da hele byggestyringen i høj grad er digitaliseret i form af robot teknologi. Ikke dürligt.

“This machine doesn´t care if it is doing curves or lines. Living in a rectangel becomes an option, not mandatory (…) If a whole-house machine existed today, I´d be using it right now!!”. / link

DENNIS SHELDEN, Chief Technology Officer, Gehry Technology
“It´s truely exciting. This represent the next step foreward./ link


www.ContourCrafting.org Firma website med masser af links og info.

Discover Magazine (PDF)
Time Journal Of Construction and Design (PDF)
Achitecture Week (PDF)
Der Spiegel, engelsk (PDF)
NBC video (feat. Greg Lynn)
“Automated Construction using Contour Crafting” (PDF) Prof. Behrokh Khoshnevis, Nomineret til “Best Paper” i “19th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction”

Dream machine for architects
“Would a technology driven innovation like this become popular with architects? Dr Khoshnevis strongly believes so: “Architects are the strongest advocates of this technology, because for the first time they will be nabled to implement intricate designs using curved features and complex structures without incurring excessive construction expenses. Furthermore, such designs are currently not possible to implement where there is shortage of skilled workforce. Many famous architects around the world are in contact with us and are inspiring us with great ideas. We also believe that architects will eventually be the drivers of this technology. Consider these two analogies: When movie camera was invented, the art of cinema was non-existent. When computer printers first came out, there were no fancy fonts or desktop publishing software. Many creative people used the movie camera and the printer technologies to create wonderful stuff. The CC technology will provide a very capable 3D printer with which anything can be fabricated. The rest will be left to the imagination and creativity of architects and even novice designers to change the look of our homes, neighbourhoods and cities.” 

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