Jonathan Harris har fat i noget super spændende her. Fatter faktisk ikke helt hvordan det lader sig gøre – alt den information som skal opdateres konstant. Det er ret fascinerende!
Men se hans egen hjemmeside – der er flere små fine projekter / www.number27.org

ellers se links nedenfor…


We Feel Fine
An impressive collection of beautiful data visualizations that depict human feelings & moods harvested from a large number of weblogs. a system searches the world’s newly posted blog entries for occurrences of the phrases “I feel” & “I am feeling”, records the full sentence & identifies the “feeling” expressed in that sentence (e.g. sad, happy, depressed, etc.).
the different data visualizations consist of a self-organizing particle system, where each particle represents a single feeling posted by a single individual. the particles’ properties (color, size, shape, opacity) indicate the nature of the feeling inside, & any particle can be clicked to reveal the full sentence or photograph it contains. the particles move wildly around the screen until asked to self-organize along any number of axes, expressing various human emotions.


Love Lines
An alternative visualization of the linguistically dectected moods between ‘love’ & ‘hate’ within weblog posts, & the age, gender & geographical location of the person who wrote the post. the visualization is based on the blog post parsing & emotion recognition system of the we feel fine project. The representation consists of a stark white screen, bounded on the bottom by a slider running from “Love” to “Hate”, with a draggable heart. as the slider is pulled through ‘love’, ‘like’, ‘want’, ‘indifference’, ‘dislike’, & ‘hate’, specific words & pictures appear above to represent the chosen state of desire or despair.www.love-lines.com


A set of online visualizations that support the exploration of personal mythology over time, allowing users to find unique constellations, based on personal interests & curiosities. this application, called Universe was inspired by the question: if we were to make new star constellations today, what would they be? The world is analyzed as ’stars’ (events, artifacts, or personas), ’shapes’ (words, people, quotes, images), ’secrets’ (alphabetical keywords), ’stories’ (news stories), ’statements’ (quotes from the most important stories), ’snapshots’ (important photographs), ’superstars’ (public personas like people, places, companies), ’settings’ (geographical places), & ‘time’. universe.daylife.com 

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