Riding the Flux: Design is changing in myriad ways. Are you?


Læs denne udemærkede artikel…hvis din “fluxkompasetor” fungerer!! Link

udtræk fra artikel:

(…) If design is a continent and its disciplines tectonic plates, we live in seismic times; as the ground shifts under our feet, we scramble for a clearer view of the emerging landscape. And as the world changes, design changes. How should designers best prepare for the inevitable new openings? Where is the unexplored territory? Where will the action be? (…)

(…) A big mistake designers make when evaluating their career options is to focus too narrowly on their most obvious and tangible craft skills, such as sketching, software skills or styling abilities. Widening their focus to include more indefinable cognitive talents can broaden horizons.(…)

(…) I like to hire folks with a broad range of interests and who have switched fields at least once. Just as learning a foreign language gives you the confidence and knowledge to learn others, switching fields gives people the assurance and tools to tackle new problems.(…) 

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